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FC Managemet is a utility for the management of your Database, Doctrine, and Scenrio files when you play against various opponents using different files.

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What is FC Management?

Simply put, FC Management is a utility that moves the files from a backup folder to your working folders (Database, Doctrine, & Scenario) of Fleet Command.

Several organizations have created custom database and/or doctrine files to aid in the realism of the game. However, there is no standard for whose files are the best, or even good ones.

In order to play Fleet Command with others all players must have identical Database, Doctrine, and Scenarios. This utility simply helps you move those files into your working directory with a click of the mouse.

The latest version of FC Management is 2.0.10 (10/12/00)

FC Management is free to download an use, and will never expire. Please understand that this is an ongoing project and will be updated peeriodically. Also, since I am not a programmer by profession please do not expect updates to occur on a regular basis.

The current version has little or no error trapping so extreme care must be exercised during installation. The directory structure must be created using your windows explorer at this time, and all file must initially be put in the directories prior to running the program.

Download and Install FC Management

Download FCMgmtFull.zip to a temporary folder and unzip to an empty folder. Run the setup.exe to install.

Follow the instructions in the readme file for additional installation instructions.

Upgrading from Previous Version

To upgrade from version 2.0 or greater simply download the executable only and overwrite your previous fcdbdoc.exe file. If you are upgrading from versions below 2.0.0 you will need to uninstall and download and install the full version above.

Known Bugs and Errata

*Note* With the release of the Warship Database Project Advanced Fleet Command version 11 files there is an installer which forces the installation to the main Fleet Command folder. In order to use FC Management to manage the version 11 files you should, immediately following the installation of WDP-AFC version 11, backup the scenario files to a new location. This actually backs up the Database, Doctrines, and Scenario folders to a new Backup folder of your choice. The WDP version 11 files will then be available to manage with FC Management. FC Management version 2.0 or greater is required.

*Note* FC Management will no longer work with the WDP-AFC files from the Naval Warfare Simulations Team.

Missions designers: If you design a mission and save it, it will be overwritten during the next installation of a file set. FC Management now provides a Backup function which will backup the files back into the folder from which they came, or you can elect to create a new backup mission file.

If you have any suggestions for features or error trapping you are welcome to email them to me. No guarantees when I can get to them though.

Legal Notice:

All of the normal legal disclaimers apply. This program is copyrighted my Mark Taylor and your are granted the exclusive right to use and copy this program to as many computers as you own. If you want to distribute the program further please refer to this web site as long as this web site is in operation. This program is provided without warranty of any kind whatsoever, either expressed or implied. I make no representation that this program will not destroy any data on your computer or hard drive. You should virus check any program downloaded from the internet and use prudent judgement as the the credibility of the source.

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